About Me

Hi! My name is Andrew Oatley-Willis, I am a graduate of Computer Systems Technology(co-op) program at Seneca College. I have spent the last 5 years of my life using Linux operating systems on a very frequent basis, a large amount of that time was spent working as a research assistant at CDOT(Centre for Development of Open Technology) on the OSTEP team as well as teaching Linux related courses at Seneca College. My experiences have allowed me to learn how to: system admin, program, port software, build software packages, build Linux distributions, bootstrap software, and work with unstable development hardware. In the end I am a Linux enthusiast who enjoys to work with Open Source technology.

Projects worked on:
– Build and Release of LEAP(Linux for Enterprise ARM Platforms)
– Builds of ARM/AARCH64 Linux Distributions
– Porting Linux packages to AARCH64
– Support, testing, deployment of many different 32-bit and 64-bit ARM Computers(long list)
– Release process and builds of Pidora 18, 19, 20, 2014(Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix)
– Linux network/computer administration across a large number of machines
– Automation of Linux deployments and releases
– Creating and packaging new Vagrant machines
– Creating, modifying, and deploying docker instances

Proficient programming languages:
– Python
– Bash
– C

Familiar programming languages
– Perl
– C#
– C++
– Aarch64 assembly
– X86 assembly
– Java

Contact Information:
Email: andrew.oatley-willis AT senecacollege DOT ca
IRC: oatley (freenode#seneca)



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