Sigul Sign, Mash Repositories, and Rsync to Mirrors!

Why did I make this script?
So I’m tired of silly little errors popping up at very important stages during the Pidora release. It’s very difficult to manage and let people know exactly how to connect to the Sigul Signing server, when to run the mash(after signing), and when to rsync to the mirrors(please don’t rsync broken or failed mash repos!).

This script works from a single computer, and gains access to the sigul server, mash script, and rsync hosts.

How does this script work?
Like most of my scripts I run external commands through password-less ssh to run tasks on remote machines. I use this to connect to the sigul client, the mash host, and to rsync to our release mirrors. These are all very basic commands to run, but I have brought them all together in this, possibly, over complicated script.

What is actually meant by bringing sign, mash and rsync together is, the user can run a single command, and the script will automatically perform a sigul sign, a mash run, and a rsync, while at the same time, checking for errors at each step.

Source code: pidora-smr
You can find more information here: Pidora-smr

The script currently has default values set directly inside the script, however there are command line options there that allow the user to specify new values instead of modifying the script.


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