Pidora 18 – Status Update

Hi All,

So over in CDOT, we have had a nice meeting on our future projects and the future of Pidora. (meeting notes can be found here:

A little status update, agreene and myself, oatley, will be putting a bit more energy into “getting the ball rolling” with Pidora over the next month or so. A blog is going to be set up to assist in giving out information on updates, fixes, enhancements, additions, etc(all of which should be tracked in our bug tracker). We are also thinking of some ways to help get people in the community to help out, but haven’t gone much further in that just yet.

Plans for firmware updates seem to be leaning towards automatically building all updates and putting them in the updates-testing repo, that way we can bring the most stable and major firmware updates to our updates, but if people would like “the most recent” they can enable updates testing.(This is a plan and is not in effect yet).


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