Cubieboard – Fedora 18 Beta & SSD

Cubieboard – Fedora 18 Beta
One of my tasks has been to play around a bit with a Cubieboard. I needed to get Fedora 18 running on it, to connect an SSD to it, and to put the rootfs on the SSD. This was to be done so we could use it as a armv6 builder. First I used another person’s tutorial and image to load Fedora 18 on the Cubieboard, which can be found here: Read the README and use the image.

Solid State Drive on the Cubieboard
After Fedora 18 Beta is installed, the SSD is connected, and it has booted, you will need to move the rootfs to the SSD and change a file to let it know it’s moved. Check the names of the devices you are using, because this will erase all information on SSD.

fdisk /dev/sda
> c
> [Enter for Default]
> [Enter for Default]
> [Enter for Default]
> [Enter for Default]
> w

We are just making a single partition on this SSD and giving it all the space then write the changes. Next dd the partition of the current root fs(mmcblk0p3) to the new partition we just made(/dev/sda1).

dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p3 of=/dev/sda1

Now the rootfs is on the SSD, but the filesystem is as large as the SD card’s filesystem. So grow it:

resize2fs /dev/sda1
e2fsck /dev/sda1

Next lets tell uboot to use the rootfs on the SSD. To do this edit the file:


And change a the line below to match that of the SSD partition. Change “mmcblk0p3” to “sda1”.

From this:

root=/dev/mmcblk0p3 ro rootwait

To this:

root=/dev/sda1 ro rootwait

Reboot the Cubieboard:


Now when the Cubieboard reboots it will show that it is loading the rootfs from sda1. And you can see that you are using the SSD by issuing:

df -h

Then look at the root file system size, it should be about as large as the SSD partition.


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One Response to Cubieboard – Fedora 18 Beta & SSD

  1. I was contacted with a few corrections by Rolf:
    Firstly, it’s probably much safer to perform the dd command, to copy the sd to the hard drive, while the sd card is not booted. Doing it otherwise could cause errors. But it may still work if you are unable to do it on another computer.

    Setting up the cubie on debian:

    Thanks for the information Rolf.

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