Release for 0.1

Just to start off, here is my first release: asmanalyser.tar.gz

Things to change… Spell analyzer correctly…

What does this release contain?
This release contains 2 scripts, and

I would like to note that these are still works in progress. While using them does produce all the data that was planned for this release, it was not done as efficiently as it could have been done. I plan to update and optimize both scripts far before the release of 0.2.

What do these scripts do? – This script was written entirely by myself. is a very simple script which downloads source rpm packages from the fedora repository and places them in a specified directory. Once downloaded, it calls upon the script to search all these packages for assembly code, and any other packages inside the specified directory. It’s purpose in this case is more of a connector, between yumdownloader and, at this point in time. At a later date I plan to add the ability to interact with koji through this script. – This script was written by Jon Masters. will search through a given package for assembly code found from extensions of assembly source files, and assembly code being run from in-line programs. It does some analyzing and outputs some data. I have added some small modifications that takes the data extracted from the script and outputs them into text files. The data placed inside the text files are formatted to be entered into a database, which is being created by another student(Maxam).

How to use them?
Unpack both scripts inside the same directory. Then run ./asmanalyser -h for usage instructions.


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