Building From Source

Today I am building the GNU programs macchanger and which. I thought it sounded interesting, as it allows you to changed your mac address on a interface. Which command allow you to see the location of another command.

My procedures:

Step 1: Next I downloaded the most recent version of macchanger from: which happens to be version 1.5.0. I then copied the macchanger-1.5.0.tar.gz file into a tmp directory, and used the command: tar -xvzf macchanger-1.5.0.tar.gz to extract the contents.

Step 2: I changed into the newly created directory and ran ./configure which ran into an error saying that no c compiler was installed/available. Used the command: yum install gcc  and ran ./configure again which ran successfully and generated the Makefile.

Step 3: Ran the command: make, at this point the the binary was created. 2 files OUI.list and wireless.list are required in directory: /usr/local/share/macchanger/ in order for the program to run properly. The ./configure and make only took a few seconds each. Now the application is running with no issues.

The which command was downloaded from: and is version 2.20.

Step 1: extract and decompress with tar -xvzf which-2.20.tar.gz which now creates a new directory in the same folder.

Step 2: enter the new directory created and run the command ./configure which ran successfully and generated the Makefile.

Step 3: now run the command make which will create the binary using the make file.

At this point the binary “which” has been created, and works without and additional steps.


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