Hello! My name is Andrew Oatley-Willis, I am currently a 5th semester student in the Computer Systems Technology program at Seneca College. I have been using, playing, and experimenting with different linux distributions over the past 3 years. I have placed a order for a couple Raspberry Pi’s and I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival. Currently I know a few programming/scripting languages and feel confident in learning new ones when I need or would like to use them.

I chose to take SBR600 so I could get a chance to learn more advanced topics about linux and working with the Raspberry Pi. I hope to have a great semester and learn as much as I can from Chris Tyler, Raymond Chan, fellow classmates, and the communities that we will be working with.

IRC: oatley (freenode#seneca)



About oatleywillisa

Computer Networking Student
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